Green and Spicy Valentine Ideas

Couple Tackling FootballWant to really turn the color dial for Valentine’s Day from red (and wasteful) to green (and environmentally conscious?

Here are a few more suggestions from the romantic, but green staff at Green Blizzard. Our previous Spicy Valentine Ideas article has a few terrific suggestions.

Spicy Valentine Ideas

Avoid the Teddy Bear and Highly Packaged Sentiments: Unless your loved one is under the age of 10, it just isn’t practical, nor green.  Then again, Valentine’s Day is not by nature practical. Steer away from those un-necessary gift-wrap ornaments.  If you think she won’t mind, minimize the gift-wrap or even take a risk and use the daily comics page as wrapping.

Eco-Friendly Dinner For Two: Do a little research about nearby restaurants and patronize one that serves local organic options. You can go extreme and look up vegetarian and vegan restaurants near you at VegGuide.

Or, if you are like me – environmentally conscious yet omnivorous – check out the menu ahead of time for seasonal ingredients and local farmers – most restaurants gladly feature that information on their websites.

Cook A Special Organic Dinner: They say that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  These days I think it works both ways

Think about a recipe with special meaning and pick up the ingredients at your local organic market.  A little thought makes it really special.

Waste Free Gifts: Be creative and leave a zero carbon footprint with the gift.  Consider a potted plant, organic locally grown flowers or greens, packets of vegetable and herb seeds.  

Plan A Special Carbon Free Outing:  Get outdoors and play a game of frisbee golf, touch football, or tennis or just take a walk.

Simply, take a deep breath, chill for a moment, and focus on spending a few carbon free moments with that special person.  


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