Green Cleaning Products

Here’s a quick review of several green cleaning brands that you can find in organic and health food stores as well as many supermarket. Products that rise above the over used green washing claims.

When evaluating green cleaning products, our rule of thumb is: the more plant based and less chemical based, the better.

If you want to be totally radical and go green in its purist sense,  you can avoid all manufactured cleaning products and simply use vinegar for all your household cleaning needs.   Vinegar is inexpensive and absolutely natural, making it the ultimate green cleaning product.

If you want to stay within the mainstream of manufactured green cleaning products, there are a number of  concoctions that are manufactured for their environmental friendliness, potency, and scent.  Consider these green product options:

Clorox’s Green Works  is easy to find and won’t break the bank. Clorox Green Works products are 95% – 99% natural.  Although Clorox Green Works hasn’t established a completely sustainable supply chain and doesn’t offer a huge variety in terms of scent, it’s a great option for people who are loyal to traditional cleaning brands.  We’ve tried it and it’s great product.

Seventh Generation, in our opinion, is a leader in green cleaning products and one of the best options. The products are a tad more expensive than their non-green competitors, but they offer an impressive array of soaps, baby products, toilet paper, and all sorts of cleaning agents.  Seventh Generation has brought transparency to the disclosure of product ingredients and there are even customer forums discussing the merits of their products – people have really scrutinized these products and the company has welcomed the feedback.

Seventh Generation green cleaning products are typically carried in organic food stores, but can be spotted in some mainstream supermarkets.  Seventh Generation is a Green Blizzard favorite and we’ve been using their products around our offices since we launched four years ago.

Mrs. Meyer’s offers a wide variety of products. People tend to find the products very effective per ounce of cleaning solution, but some find the fragrance too strong. We recommend taking Mrs. Meyer’s products for a trial run.  This green cleaning brand is also slightly more expensive and  typically carried in organic food stores.  Mrs. Meyer’s provides an ingredient list on its website.

Although Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s come with a small price premium, they are great options for the environmentally conscious cleaner.  Considering you only buy cleaning products a few times a year, the price premium is negligible over time.

Regardless of the brand you choose, it’s important to be aware of the green cleaning options available on store shelves and their role in reducing your carbon footprint. Take an easy and meaningful step toward going green and give some of these products a try.

By picking up one of these brands next time you need to restock, you can conveniently achieve a more sustainable, environmentally friendly life style on a daily basis without much effort on your part.

So, why not clean green?  

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About the author

Hannah Bagby

A recent Masters of Management Science graduate at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Hannah writes about how to be green in your everyday household consumable choices and your personal living environment.