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It’s engagement season and if you suddenly find yourself planning a wedding, you might want to include some green options in your plans.  You will find that these days, it is surprisingly easy to go green with your wedding and there a tons of resources with green wedding ideas to help you green your entire celebration.

It doesn’t matter if you want a simple ceremony or an extravagant black-tie affair, you can always make the most important day of your life a little bit greener.

Check out some of these great eco-friendly green wedding ideas, all are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

With more and more people becoming aware and concerned with our environment and trying to be more eco-friendly, weddings don’t tend to fit into this way of life. Weddings are usually expensive, use lots of energy and produce a huge amount of waste. What makes weddings even more excessive is the hidden costs that can often take the couple by surprise. Travel, stationary and decorations all contribute to the cost and waste that weddings incur.

The best way to get round these charges that we’re not always aware of is to research thoroughly online before you even start planning the wedding. There are plenty of resources available which point out the hidden costs which come with paying for your wedding.

Couples often don’t take aspects such as invitations into consideration; a way to get round this in an eco-friendly way is the make your own invitations electronically and email them to your guests. This also has other benefits – no invitations getting lost in the mail and they’re completely free!

Another cost which couples often remember, yet underestimate, is the flowers. Get round this by using in-season, local flowers. This can save you money and is more eco-friendly than getting them delivered.

Kate Harrison has written a terrific book on The Green Bride Guide as well as Mireya Navarro wrote Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration. But here are a few tidbits that I picked up myself surfing the internet and talking to friends that have explored similar green options.

Greener Gift Registry: If you feel like that mountain of consumerism (i.e. wedding gifts) may be a bit too much, try giving a portion of your good fortune back to the environment. Offer your guests the option of donating to an environmental cause on your behalf. I remember when I was little, my brother had a few trees planted in Israel in honor of his bar mitzvah (to find out more, visit The Jewish National Fund).Wedding Couple On Beach At Sunset

The range of philanthropic options is endless. You can donate to anything from the Middle-Eastern water crisis to forestry management. Two charities that Green Blizzard endorses are the Environmental Defense Fund and Arborday.

Eco-Friendly Food and Drink: Keeping the booze flowing, the food healthy and your carbon footprint low can be tricky.

Here are some tips: opt for organic beer and wine; serve wine from large bottles and beer from a keg; use reusable glasses; avoid plastic cups and utensils; try featuring beer from a local brewery; serve locally-grown food (if you live in a big city, research some urban farms or your nearest green market); and opt for sustainable fish and organically-raised chicken instead of environmentally harmful red meat (read Carbon Impact of Meats).

Hybrid Ride – Instead of renting a gas guzzling limo or SUV as your wedding-day transportation, consider walking, renting a fleet of bikes, scooters, or those upright gizmos, or traveling away as newly married couple in a hybrid or electric car.

Be sure to check out the Green Blizzard Bookstore for great honeymoon reads as you start to out on your new, greener life.

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