Updated Attic Insulation Saves Energy

daniellejDuring extremely hot or cold months the attic is one of my least favorite places in the house. Besides being constantly dusty and eerie, the temperature in the attic can get unbearable during extreme weather months.

Improper attic insulation is a widespread problem, typically caused by too much air coming into the attic space, and too much air is leaving without the proper depth of insulation along the attic floor. The attic needs to breath, but only if there is a thick layer of insulation between your uppermost ceiling and the attic floor. These air leaks let out the heat working its way through your ceiling.

What The Experts Advise

The experts say that your living quarters need to be sealed on all sides, enveloped with an outside seal – the bottom, sides and top.   In this article, we’re only focusing on suggesting that you re-evaluate your attic insulation because a vast majority of the homes across the world were insulated to old, inadequate, out-dated standards.

If you want to lower the carbon footprint of your home, this is the Green Blizzard recommended first step before you do anything other home improvement.

It will be worth every dime of upfront investment, because you’ll see a payback on your investment in no time, typically a few seasons. After that payback period, it means more money in your savings account because your fuel bills will be lower.



The Numbers

Heating and cooling is responsible for the majority of a home’s energy bill, contributing to roughly 43% of energy use. Energy loss affects the wallet as well. Air leaks are costing homeowners as much as on average $680 every year. With proper insulation, you can cut the heating and cooling bill in half.


Ways to Insulate the Attic

There are many ways to properly insulate the attic, starting with the attic door.

Most attic doors are poorly designed, or typically not tight fitting because of use and age. This causes air from the attic to filter into the rest of the home. Installing weatherstripping with an attic stair cover combats this problem.


Every local hardware store carries a few options for this purpose. Once the door has been tackled, then it’s a question of DIY or full service Pro? Or some combination.

Personally, I never trust myself when it comes to any DIY project, especially with big messy jobs that involve a bunch of science. But DIY options are becoming much easier to understand and apply, even for the inexperienced handy-person. You can hire a professional or purchase DIY kits and caulk for application to complete the insulation yourself.

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