Reusable Coffee Cups

frapartIt’s been about a month since I bought my reusable ice coffee cup from the Starbucks online store , and I couldn’t be happier.

It has completely eliminated my ice coffee cup waste, reduced my carbon footprint associated with all that needless waste and, even better, I have actually saved more money than I had originally planned.

Besides getting discounts at some participating Starbucks for using a reusable cup, I have actually been more motivated to make my own ice coffee and haven’t purchased a cup in weeks.

Imagine what I’ve done to my carbon footprint.   The coffee cup manufacturers must be scratching their heads – wondering why has demand dropped, all because of little old me?



In fact, I prepare my next day’s caffeine buzz every night before I go to bed. I brew one cup of Tazo Chai Tea and pour it into my ice coffee cup (durable enough to handle the heat).

I let it sit overnight in the fridge, and in the morning add milk, ice and splenda. My very own homemade (and free!) chai latte. But with the summer coming to an end and a cool breeze moving in, those cold drinks are soon to be but a piece of the memory of summer days at the beach.


So if your coffee cravings are getting a little hotter, try some of these great to-go mugs:


Some people just have to have the paper cup – it’s quicker, and you never have to remember to bring your own cup. And for those of you with purses too chock-full of books, data reports, or high heeled shoes to have any place for a to-go mug, there is an easy and stress-free environmental option: reusable coffee sleeves.

Although I cannot stress enough the positive environmental impact you can have by using a reusable coffee mug, you can at least avoid the cardboard sleeve.

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