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samantha frapartHalloween should be fun and even a little scary, but your carbon footprint for this single day doesn’t have to be hair raising. Green Blizzard offers you a few green Halloween tips for this year’s spooky holiday.

As I walk my dog around the neighborhood these days leading up to Halloween, I hope I’m witnessing where all of our hard earned recycled plastic is going – hopefully into these new, ever-larger front yard Halloween decorations.   I see yards filled with 20-30 large plastic decorations.Halloween

This year, give it a whirl to limit your daily carbon footprint for this fun-filled, special holiday.  Green Blizzard is always looking for ways to reduce the energy consumption in an average consumer’s daily activity, here are a few ideas to consider for a green Halloween on the 31st.

Whether you’re trick-or-treating with your kids, going to one of the holiday’s notoriously fun parties, or just curling up with some scary movies and some candy corn, consider a few of these tips for a Happy Hallow-green (yeah, I am that cheesy).

Avoid plastic decorations:  Your Halloween party or front porch fright-fest can be spooky without overusing the non-biodegradables. Take advantage of what the fall season has to offer and use decorative gourds. Some serious carving skills and an eerie red candle will make any jack-o’-lantern set the mood.

Seasonal grub:  An added bonus to using nature’s decorations – you can make some delicious seasonal treats with the same pumpkins and squashes you used to scare the trick-or-treaters. Those pumpkin guts can make all kinds of savory treats and delectable sweets. Check out these recipes at My personal favorites are chocolate pumpkin muffins and warm pumpkin soup. Plus, those salted and roasted pumpkin seeds make the perfect scary movie snack.

Homemade costumes: I’ve always been amazed that the most creative costumes re-use and re-cycle items.  How do these folks come up with these ideas?   While spending $50 on a leather cat suit (that you’ll never wear again) sounds really enticing, why not save a few bucks and avoid the waste? Tap into current events and make a costume yourself with clothes you already own.  You can go as a Jersey Shore Juicehead with an Ed Hardy shirt (any really tight T-shirt will do), slicked back hair and a few good fist pumps. Even better, lift your shirt one too many times and go as “The Situation.”  Or call up your great aunt and borrow a dress from the 60s for that Mad Men look

Treats: If you have the extra cash, buy some organic and eco-friendly candy. Safety regulations make it difficult to avoid individual wrappers (don’t worry, moms, I completely understand), but try going for organic and fair-trade treats like the ones at the Global Exchange Store. I agree that 40 pieces for $9.50 is a little pricier than the usual Halloween candies, but if you have the money to make the effort, it is definitely worth it.Plastic Bag

Reusable Halloween bags:  Those special plastic bags covered in ghouls and goblins are fun and festive, but also an unnecessary waste. Try reusable bags like the ones we all use now for groceries, or better yet, take a pillowcase. Reusable bags and pillowcase are usually bigger and sturdier, which means better candy storage for the long haul.


Tricks (On The Environment):  Take one, maybe two of these suggestions to heart and your footprint will be a little smaller. Some other Green Blizzard articles that may be of interest:

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