Sexy Undies Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

frapartWho knew that our intimate apparel could impact your carbon footprint, we did not here at Green Blizzard ?

It turns out, choosing the right sexy undies can reduce your carbon footprint!

Did you know that undergarments are the most purchased clothing item for women? I mean, it makes sense – who’s the woman wearing 5-year old-underwear?

Plenty of men, but not many women. Plus, it’s usually cheaper than buying a new dress or shoes. When I’m feeling the urge to splurge, Victoria’s Secret is one of the first places I go. And apart from quantity overload, cotton based undergarments can impact our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The cotton is basically soaked in pesticides and chemical fertilizers as its growing and saturated with chemical dyes – basically used and abused for those extra special Valentine’s Day intimates. Although I should know that for men, it seems to be the opposite. When money’s tight, under clothing suddenly becomes expendable (I know – gross).

According to a recent article in the Washington Post , these  purchases for men are on the rise following suits with the rise in our economy. Seriously men, how about giving up beer or digital cable before new, clean under layer?  Hey, I know I’m whistling in the wind, particularly now that footfall season is upon us. Luckily, whether man or woman, the undergarment industry is starting to go green.

Allegedly (I have read about new products but their website did not indicate this fact) Victoria’s Secret is starting to offer earth-friendly bras, and mens underwear from Patagonia not only offers organic products, but will even recycle them for you.

An odd concept but also pretty awesome, it’s called the “Common Threads Recycling Program” . Started in 2005, customers can return recyclable garments – from fleece to performance baselayers – to be remade into new clothing. Way to go Patagonia!

Plus Patagonia has gone a step further with its “Footprint Chronicles”.  The website discusses the environmental impacts of its clothing products from design through delivery. UK based green site has been reviewing greener under garment products. With pin-up girl inspired looks made from organic bamboo, hemp silk, and lavender – steamy nights have never been so eco-conscious. Also check out the Faeriesdance website for more organic intimates.

But on a serious closing note, clothing choices and the volume of your wardrobe impacts your carbon footprint. Fewer, more durable clothes, and getting the most of each item is an important way that you can reduce your lifetime carbon footprint and save a little money along the way.

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