Conserving Outdoor Water Usage

daniellejThis summer has been unusually harsh in many areas of the country.

Many states are experiencing record breaking temperatures, and people are suffering heat strokes. As the temperatures rise, so does the importance of conserving outdoor water usage.

Conserving water is important throughout the entire year. Here are a few ways you can save water outside the home:

Water SavingLawn  Up to half of all household water used during the months of summer goes towards lawn care. Often people take to watering their lawns during the day. This practice results to evaporation loss of up to 60%. Water the lawn during the cooler time of the day, typically dusk or after and use a water timer – single or triple outlets.  They’re simple and inexpensive and help prevent from remembering to turn off the water. Also, applying mulch helps garden plants retain moisture.

Car Washing Park your car on the grass. The water will get soaked into the ground and refuel the groundwater. Fill a bucket with soapy water for washing. Use a nozzle with the hose, and shut off the hose if it is not in use. This practice can save as much as 150 gallons of water.  Our personal favorite is this Bon-Aire classic nozzle.  If done properly, washing your car yourself saves a lot of carbon emission – considering that you have to drive to/from the car wash and all those car wash brushes and sprayers consume a lot of energy. Plus, I always find that it helps me get to know my car and stay in touch with it and all its blemishes.Girl Drinking Bottle Water

Rain Water Harvesting rain water can go a long way in offsetting residential water use. Rainwater can be used for outdoor activities such as gardening, car washing, and lawn care. Home improvement stores typically carry rain water barrels or you can make one yourself Rain barrels can collect as much as 60 gallons of water in one barrel. You can even use garbage cans to collect rainwater. Check with community organizations for programs teaching residents how to build rain water harvesting systems. Green Blizzard has evaluated and used several different types of rain barrels and recommends either the Good Ideas Rain Barrel or the RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel

Laundry – Hopefully you have access to a water and energy efficient cloths washer.  The newer models use much less water, more efficiently.  One of the best, more energy efficient clothes washer/dryer sets in our opinion is this Electrolux model

Sweeping  – Many times driveways and sidewalks are hosed down. This practice uses 5 gallons of water every minute. These areas can be cleaned just as thoroughly by simply sweeping. Saving water during the hotter months of the year does not have to be a difficult task. Completing outdoor tasks that require water simply provides another opportunity to practice saving water. It is important for us to all do what we can to lessen the burden we place on the residential water supply

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