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reducereuserecycleWhat happens when just two individuals get serious about recycling on campus?


Back in 2001, students back then saw the birth of the now worldwide school competition for recycling, and every year the list of schools participating gets longer, last year 273 colleges and universities were involved.

Congrats to University of Missouri – Kansas City which was the Grand Champion of the 2013 competition

Ed Newman (Ohio State University) and Stacy Edmonds Wheeler (Miami University) coined this 10-week competition that pits school against school in the ultimate battle of recycling supremacy.

Divided into four primary categories and four “targeted material” contests, RecycleMania has six main goals:

1. Conduct a “fair and friendly” competition.

2. Increase recycling efforts of staff and students.

3. Spotlight recycling and waste management programs of all schools.

4. “Expand economic opportunities while addressing environmental issues in a positive way. “

5. Decrease the amount of campus waste by employing the three R’s: reducing, reusing, and recycling.

6. Have the competition serve as a starting point for schools to build upon in their recycling and waste management efforts.

Now to the fun part, how do you get your school involved in RecycleMania? First, check to see if your school is already a participant. Some schools may have registered but are not advertising the competition on campus very well, so students have no clue that their campus is involved.

RecycleMania has a list of all schools that participated in the 2010 competition (only US schools are listed)

Even if your school is not listed, they can still get involved for the 2011 competition. Registration begins fall of this year. Until then, you can direct the green leaders of your school to the official RecycleMania website so they can read up on the official requirements for entry and participation. What do the winners get?

Aside from the satisfaction of helping the environment and gloating privileges from beating out your peers, winning schools get a permanent award inscribed with their name, competition category, and the year of victory.

Undoubtedly, RecycleMania is one of the smartest ideas for promoting green living on campus. Is your school involved?

Better yet, has your school won in any of the categories?

daniellejNo, it’s not a TV show.
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