Sustainable Fish

Keith Blizzard     One of Green Blizzard’s favorite ” green” apps  is the Sustainable Fish Guide.  It will simply help you make smarter food choices or even help you decide on which fish to order at your favorite restaurant – basically help you send a message to the suppliers and vote through your choices.

You may remember reading about the popular Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch App selected as the Green Blizzard  Green App of the Month – May ’10.

With this app you can be more informed in your consumption of this excellent source of protein.  The app will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint by providing you with information about “green” fish.   

Furthermore, the app will help you avoid buying threatened fishes and so enable you to sustain the variety of fish species that is critical to maintaining nature’s intended balance. This app’s functionality is straight-forward and very handy as you making your purchase decision standing at the fish counter.

    • Sustainable Fishes – Quick reference list along with a photo and some details
        • Threatened Fishes  – Quick reference list, along with a photo and details.
            • Complete List of Fish – An alphabetical listing of every fish, along with links to both Fishbase and Wikipedia

            The app is a good start, but is not comprehensive.  The access is slow through the 3G network.  We suggest that you investigate the GreenPeace International Seafood

            Red List, which highlights the most endangered species. It will really open up your eyes to the magnitude of the issue. Check out some of the other monthly Green Blizzard Best Green Apps selections either Green Peace Tissue Guide or Gas Buddy  


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