Energy Efficient Toshiba Laptop

Energy Efficient Toshiba LaptopJust the other day, I fell in love with my new Toshiba laptop. My nearly 5 year-old, energy hog laptop was finally kaput, and it was time to find a more suitable replacement. So I set off and found this energy efficient Toshiba laptop.

I need to have a large, bright screen – I do quite a bit of writing and designing, so this was crucial factor. Plus a large hard drive – you don’t realize how much space you need on your laptop until your run out of it. 

And most importantly, it needs to be energy efficient – I had so much trouble with my old laptop in this area (Acer may have made strides in making more energy efficient models since I bought my laptop five years ago).

After looking across the marketplace, I decided on a Toshiba Laptop.

Undoubtedly one of the most impressive features of my laptop is the eco utility. This allows you can monitor how much power you’re using in real time. The eco utility settings are based on: The brightness level of the display LED illumination.   How many minutes the laptop is idle before the display is dimmed then shutoff.  When to turn off the hard disk.  When to put the computer in sleep mode.

My power consumption was reduced 8W just by switching to eco mode. If I want to check how much power I’ve saved on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, the history button at the bottom shows me a dated, accumulated graph of my power consumption.

The accumulated graph has two views: The Power Consumption View –shows you how much power you consume and how much you’ve reduced your power usage The CO2 Emission View – shows you how much CO2 you emit and how much you’re reduced your CO2 emission amount Toshiba has made scaling back your power usage much easier with the eco utility. Bottom-line – pretty cool for the environmentally conscious techie.

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