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If you live in the Washington, D.C. metro area and Pepco is your electric provider, now your can save on your electric on your electric billSave money on your electric bill by opting for a power saving program that intermittently turns off your AC’s cooling compressor during summertime peak demand times.

It’s the Pepco Energy Wise Rewards Program and its now rolling out in the Washington DC metro area.

Pepco is offering it’s customers three plans with three saving levels based on your level of commitment. Each plan offers both an upfront $$ rebate and a then a monthly rebate over the first six months.  In addtion, Pepco will send one of its technicians to your house and install either a free programmable thermostat or a devise on your outside exchange,  your choice.  These devices allows the utility to remotely turn off your AC compressor when necessary during peak summer day loads.

Seems pretty sweet; both the free, professionally installed programmable thermostat, the two rebates, and the projection that you’ll save 10% on your electric bills without any sweat.

Green Blizzard decided to give this a try because the Pepco literature promised that it would recycle or “rest” my AC for only a few minutes at a time and would turn on the AC fan to circulate the air during the resting period.  

Most importantly Pepco estimated that the indoor temperature would only increase a degree or so, depending on what level of “turn-off” you committed. After all, most consumers would not even notice both the temperature change or the fact that the AC turned off for a few minutes.  

Who ever thought one could realize savings from your power company?

Plus, if we find that its not working for GreenBlizzard,  we can change our participation level, at anytime.

Since its now just rolling out, Pepco has no basis on how many conservation periods there might be during the summer months, but it  projects that it will typically be on hot weekday afternoons during a 3-5 hour period.  Weather dependent. 

We’d guess that utilities in California and other high demand states have been doing this for several seasons now, not sure, but that’s our Green Blizzard guess.

Our Experience To Date: Rather Painless –  After several seasons with the program, everyone on our staff found that it is possible to realize savings from your power company without a sweat – pun intended, because we experienced it during some record breaking days. At the Green Blizzard office our AC compressor only cycled off a handful of times these peaks this past summer – at least that’s what we noticed! When they did cycle off, the offices were still comfortable and workable for the remainder of the day and early evening.   By then it was back on, full blast.

But we are curious about what’s behind this program for the utility in terms of return, government pressures, or whatever else is driving this new program.

From a Green Blizzard Perspective – this option will reduce your personal carbon footprint and save you money on your electric bill.  But in the big scheme of things its basically allowing that electricity to be used elsewhere and merely saves the utility from building additional plants sooner to meet growing demand.  

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