Spicy Green Valentine Ideas

Valentines DayWant to spice things up this Valentine’s Day, while minimizing the cheesey-ness and more importantly, minimizing your carbon footprint and your celebration’s impact the environmental impact?

To minimize your personal carbon footprint, consider some of these alternative gift and date suggestions from the romantic staff at Green Blizzard.

Lower Carbon Footprint But Spicy Valentine Ideas

Organic Flowers: Make sure if you are going to buy flowers this year that they are sustainably grown and certified organic or veriflora.  Veriflora is considered the gold standard certification of flori and horticulture sustainability because it uses the scientific certification system (SCS) developed by a neutral third party.  Learn more at Veriflora and check out their list of retailers to find a certified florist near you.

Buy Locally Grown Flowers:   Try to avoid shipping flowers across the country. Make the extra effort and pick up the flowers yourself or, if you are in a long distance relationship, call a florist near your loved one instead of with a bigger corporation. Less travel always equals a smaller carbon footprint.

E Cards: Ever heard the line “Valentine’s Day was created by Hallmark just to sell more cards?” Yeah, me too. Whether that’s true or not, Valentine’s Day does create a serious influx of paper waste. Luckily, now most greeting card websites, including Hallmark, offer free or purchasable online cards helping you avoid paper waste while still getting the chance to say “I love you.”  

Fair Trade Chocolates: According to Organic Consumers, Valentine’s Day is the biggest chocolate consumption day of the year (sorry Halloween). And unfortunately over 40% of the world’s chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast where child slavery and farm worker exploitation are both widespread.

So this year, make sure to purchase organic fair-trade (businesses in developing countries with ethical working conditions and sustainable practices) chocolate. It’s both environmentally friendly and morally conscious – a win-win!

I recommend checking out Mama Ganache or Theo’s Chocolates, both companies committed to higher standard of eco-friendly chocolate and business ethics.


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