Who Will Pay Me to Conserve Energy

DanielleSometimes it takes a little cash-courage to push a person towards energy conservation.

For those of us who already conserve energy, the money’s just an added bonus. Just like finding Green Blizzard was an added bonus !

Each state has a number of programs that offer rebates, tax incentives, and other goodies just for helping the environment. On the federal level, financial incentives include corporate exemption, grants, loans, performance-based incentives, and tax credits. Along with federal and state motivators, many electric companies are also in on the energy conserving incentives.

Call or check-out your electric company’s website to find out if they have any special offers for energy-saving customers.  

To find top line information about federal, state, and local utilities incentives, check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency, or DSIRE.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, DSIRE is a great resource for local, state, and federal government information on energy efficiency and renewable energy. The flash map on the homepage of DSIRE allows you to click on your home state to find out what incentives they offer and how you can apply. The information is incredibly thorough and kept up-to-date. The data available on each state’s programs includes:

  • Which technologies the programs are geared towards
  • Program summary and time frame
  • Government budget for each program
  • How to secure your rebate or incentive

Check it out, you’ll be sure to learn something that will impact your future energy consumption purchase decisions.

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