The Green Meter App

Our editorial team here at Green Blizzard always has an eye out for new “green” apps. New developments on the app-front that will add meaningful value to your lifestyle and help you reduce your carbon footprint. Today we’re reviewing Green Meter App.

This particular phone app will never go out of fashion, given the always increasing price of fuel.

It tracks vehicle efficiencyor rather gives you a perspective on your driving habits and their related costs.

If you already own a new hybrid you already have this built into your dashboard, but you paid a lot more for this same feature.  Now everyone else can get it for $6 versus the $1000 you, me, and all the other hybrid drivers paid!  If only I had known….

Green Meter evaluates how you’re driving so that you can maximize that efficiency. It helps you adjust your  driving habits to cut costs, fuel consumption, and ultimately your carbon footprint.  Afterall, that’s what Green Blizzard is all about, reducing your carbon footprint.  Any insight or technology that can help you reduce that nasty carbon footprint is A-OK in our website.

This app has some cool features to helping you track driving habits. It actually measures acceleration and computes engine power, fuel efficiency and cost, your carbon footprint and how many barrels of oil you’re consuming.  Barrels.  That’s 43 gallons.  One nifty feature is that you can that specify driving conditions to get the most accurate information about driving habits, inputing the specific vehicle make and model, weather conditions, and fuel type.

You don’t even have to be driving to learn how to improve your driving habits. You can tip your iPhone forward and backward to simulate your acceleration and it gives you an ideal of your impact so that you can apply what you’ve learned the next time you’re behind the wheel.

It is one of the more expensive app at $5.99,  but you’ll be sure to see a payback fairly quickly, depending on how much you heed its advise. For reviews of other green phone apps.   Or visit either the iTunes Store or iPhone Application List website.

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Keith Blizzard

A life-long environmentalist, Keith set out on the never ending journey of adjusting his lifestyle to a more sustainable one, with a goal of annually shrinking his carbon footprint. When he looked around for a dependable source of meaningful carbon footprint reduction ideas, it was pretty lame - so he launched Green Blizzard loaded with eco-friendly lifestyle tweaks. When he's not managing Green Blizzard, you'll find him on the trails around Mid Coast Maine with his trusty trail companion mutt, Moose.