Green Swimwear

Summer is finally here and with it comes poolside barbeques and long weekends in the sun. To me this means two things: green swimwear

1. I desperately need to go to the gym and

2. I need a new bathing suit.

So this year, I thought I should try some of the more eco-friendly bathing suit lines, green swimwear, and found some stylish, comfortable options that still keep my carbon footprint at its smallest.

Check out some of these green bathing suit lines this summer and make sure to wear your sunscreen as you are reducing your carbon footprint!  Maybe a fashionable sun hat as well.

Anna Cohen –  A Portland, Oregon-based designer combining sustainability and high fashion. Not only are these manufactured domestically, but they are also made from organic cotton, sustainable bamboo, and leftover mill-fabrics.

For example, her teal triangle bikini is made from the leftover fabrics from the Olympic skater uniforms. Talk about repurposing!

Kelly Barry bathing suits are domestically made in California. Made from 65% bamboo and 27% organic cotton, she manages to make flattering silhouettes for all eco-conscious shapes and sizes.

Meadow – With the mantra, “live free – be eco-chic” Meadow (that’s right, her name is Meadow) keeps things eco-conscious and trendy. All of her designs are made in the U.S.A. (in Miami). She works with sustainable materials like bamboo, organic cotton, recycled fabrics, and soy. Even better, they give back to the global community. Last year they planted 2000 native hardwood trees in Costa Rica and this year they are working with “Tremendous” Miami – a non-profit that plants trees for the community.  

Loyale – High fashion Loyale’s bikinis are made from 100% organic cotton and low impact dyes. Featured in Vogue’s green issue, Loyale has become one of the more fashionable eco-trends of this swimsuit season.

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