Filtering Water At Home

green writer samantha frapartWater On Car HoodBrita water filters started a home filtered water revolution in 1999, we they introduced a device to desalinate tap water in any kitchen.  Ever since then, my family has had ready access to even fresher tasting, clean super filtered water at every home cooked meal since I was a young pup.

But oddly enough, (they may take issue with me for writing this) I can’t even begin to count how many arguments I’ve had with my mom and sister about their bottled water use. It’s easy to start filtering water at home.

I just don’t get it – they not only have Brita pitchers in both their homes, but also have cold water dispensers on their refrigerators.

Regardless, somehow they still need to stock up their garages with 24-packs of bottled water.

Think of all those heavy truck miles belching diesel exhaust and rattling noise level involved in hauling this heavy commodity from the filtration plant to the grocery store and then to your home.

Its not a pretty picture and its time for a home filtered water revolution ! 

But considering that our highly capable municipal government water providers monitor and test our tap water multiple times a day for bacteria – all information which is open to the public at the EPA. – and bottled water companies only have to test their water weekly, the convenience and environmental impact of bottled water should be in its twilight years.

Many bottlers are simply repackaging municipal water.

Clearly my mother’s only excuse is convenience, and even that is debatable.

Start A Home Filtered Water Revolution

So, in an effort to get them (and maybe you) to kick the habit, I’m exposing my family’s poor consumer choices in hopes of illustrating the massive environmental impact of bottled water consumption.

My new desire to spread the word stems from my stumbling upon the Filter for Good campaign.

Brita and Nalgene have come together to raise awareness about how to make water consumption a part of our eco-friendly lives.

According to their website, the US is the largest bottled water consumer in the world, despite having some of the world’s cleanest and safest widespread access to drinking water.

According to the website, the US used enough plastic water bottles in 2008 to stretch around the world 190 times. With the earth’s circumference at 24,901.55 miles, that is over 4.7 million miles of water bottles. In one year! From just one country! And even with all our access to recycling in the US, on average, approximately 69% of those bottles go unrecycled.

Filtering Water At Home

So now you know some facts – and I’m confident this will become an easier habit (or convenience !) for us to break.

Get yourself a good reusable, washable water bottle, a Brita pitcher, water faucet, or ever dispenser for your fridge and take the pledge at Filter for Good.

There is a wide selection of pitcher options online,Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher, 5 Cup or Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, 10 Cup or the Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher, White, 10 Cup Plus a nice supply of replacement filters looking forward Brita 35503 Pitcher Replacement Filters, 3-Pack

So far the US has made a commitment to eliminate 250 million water bottles this year.

Go ahead – take the plunge.

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