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green writer samantha frapartRenting a new apartment or buying a house?

Well, I don’t know about you but I’ve spent that last three weeks green decorating on every website under the sun for anything from armoires to egg beaters. I never imagined how much consumption it would take to set up a household in a new city.

But I have discovered one great and effective way to keep my carbon footprint down on my purchases: my furniture, made completely from wood, can be purchased with the environment in mind and minimize the size of your carbon footprint.

Along with fuel and farming, manufacturing wood and paper products are one of the top reasons for global deforestation.

Often in subtropical regions along the equator, small patches of endangered trees (coveted for luxury pieces) are cut down and rarely replaced. Not only are we effecting climate change immensely by eliminating carbon consuming forests, but we are also causing serious habitat fragmentation for hundreds of tropical species of flora and fauna.

The best option to minimize the impact of your move is to seek out recycled furniture.

Whether it’s using antiques or tapping into your creative side, recycled items have virtually no incremental eco-footprint – the damage has been long done.

But if you are looking to purchase something new, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has set standards for environmentally managed wood production. This includes using fast growing woods that are easily renewable (i.e. bamboo) and avoiding endangered species of wood like mahogany. Check out these guidelines for avoiding endangered woods anywhere from old growth, temperate forest woods to pieces made from subtropical “hot zone” forests.

And now there is anything from specialty organic furniture stores to eco-friendly options at your local department chain. At the Sustainable Furnishings Council  you can find greener options at stores all across the US. Their database of eco-friendly designers and manufacturers will guide you to your next environmental purchase.

These green designers offer anything from modern, chic pieces – like Kelly Rauch Designs – to the more traditional pieces like at Boulevard Interior Designs. Basically when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, whatever your taste , price range, or location, there is an option for you.

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