Paperless Invitations

Holiday party, upcoming wedding, summer garden party? Whatever soiree you may be planning, you’re most likely going to be sending out some invitations, which can be bad for the environment. Believe me, I know a little something about invitation paper waste. We had 200 gests at my bat-mitzvah, and each received an invitation, a save the date reminder and an RSVP card. That’s enough wasted paper to write an eighth Harry Potter book! That was 10 years ago, and luckily times have changed since then.

Green Blizzard is all about sharing insights on ways to reduce your carbon footprint and emit less greenhouse gas by making better environmental choices. So here’s a good tip…reducing your paper consumption can have a meaningful green impact on your carbon footprint, particularly when you avoid the high-quality paper stock that is mostly, if not entirely, made from virgin paper fibers harvested from quality timber.

Next time you have an event to plan, why not take advantage of internet technology and use evites for your get-together? They are simple to create, fun to design and easy to distribute. At, for instance, it’s as easy as clicking through your email contact list to invite all your friends and family to your next gathering. And the best part is…it’s completely free! They have dozens of designs for every kind of event, from a themed party to a black-tie only dinner.

Since not everyone may want to be one of the five million monthly users of Evite, here are a few other popular alternatives to my favorite site:  Anyvite, Manvite, Punchbowl, Pingg or PurpleTrail.

Some people may still not be ready to throw traditional paper invites out the window. I realize that online wedding invitations, for example, have the potential of coming off as tacky (although depending on your taste, generation and future mother-in-law…it can be a trendy and whimsical choice). Just remember all the eco-friendly paper options you can choose from that are both good for the earth and aesthetically pleasing.

Why not consider invitations from the Botanical Paper Works, which actually allow you to grow flowers from them when the special day is over. I kid you not! Seedlings are embedded into these delicate and elegant invitations so your guests can plant them in the ground and grow all kinds of beautiful wildflowers. Talk about a memorable wedding.

Also check out this conversation starter. Elephant Dung Paper offers paper made completely from elephant poo – odor removed, I assure you. Elephants have very poor digestive tracts so their dung is completely made up of fiber. Basically, what goes in one end (paper products) comes directly out the other – a similar process to how things are done in paper factories. And according to the website, one elephant can produce 115 sheets of paper a day – talk about a renewable resource! The paper is produced in Asia so the shipping is a bit pricey, but the company has retail partners in the states that make purchasing the product easy and efficient. The paper comes in all different colors and shapes, and is guaranteed to give your guests something to talk about.

So the next time you’re planning a party, leave the mounds of fibers and paper behind. Instead, opt to send your invites in the form of energy-efficient electrons, or, at the very least, invest in some “green” paper. Check out the Green Blizzard Bookstore for some recommended reading.

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