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Green Blizzard’s monthly Green Living and Buying App for November 2010 is a dynamic duo from Whole Foods:  the recently-released two APPS:  Whole Foods Recipe and Whole Foods Market Mission – both free at the iTunes App Store.

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With more than 300 Whole Foods stores across the U.S., Canada and U.K., these apps will be useful to a large group of Green Blizzard readers.  In fact, you don’t have to shop at these whole paycheck stores for these apps to be useful.

Both of these Whole Foods apps will help you cook better, eat better, save time and energy, and reduce food waste, all of which helps you reduce your carbon footprint. After all, efficiency and less waste means saved energy from the field to your plate . Less energy consumed means reduced greenhouse gases and definitely more green in your wallet.

The Whole Foods Recipe app is pretty handy, and we give it high marks. It’s a rich database of recipes that can be sorted by meal course, food category and specific diet. A few examples of the meal categories are One-Pot Meals, Entertaining and Cooking with Kids. While Special Diets covers dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, high-fiber and other dietary restrictions, it oddly omits nut allergies.

Once you select a recipe, you can drop it into your shopping list, and it will indicate what you need to buy. Back in your kitchen, you can read the nutritional information and follow the cooking instructions. You can even build a list of favorites, locate the nearest store, and get suggestions on what to cook based on what you have in your pantry – pretty nifty.

The Whole Foods Mission app is a bit more of a game, a light-hearted self-challenge to try new things such as different types of beans, vegetables and cheeses. It poses challenges such as how to reduce the amount of oil used in cooking. Or better yet, how to go without salt for a day. Sounds like something your sibling or high school friend may have challenged you to do when you were younger. The best part of this green app is a collection of cooking tips, with interesting bits of wisdom such as how to get more juice out of fruit or how to plan a sustainable meal.

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