Zip Cars For Young Professionals

I’m moving into an apartment in the city next week, and I’m thrilled, to say the least. But the looming fact that I will have to schlep all my stuff halfway across D.C. with no car is both daunting and seemingly impossible. At this point in my life, with little or no furniture, I really don’t need a rental truck.  I just have piles of clothes and a bed, and the desire to head out to a large superstore to buy all the typical homesteading items.

Owning a car versus the other options of getting around – this has become one of the environmental dilemmas of my generation. You try to be environmentally conscious by using public transportation, but then you get stuck in some seriously sticky situations where only a car will do.

But thanks to Zipcars, our transportation troubles are over. Each car offers 180 miles per day and access to models ranging from hybrid smart cars to bigger trucks for moving days. You can even rent a BMW if you want to impress your boss who’s visiting for the weekend.

So, why is this a green option and a way to reduce a carbon footprint? Why Zipcars For Young Professionals? Well, for one, it puts fewer cars on the road and all carbon output that goes into manufacturing a car.

This is essentially the library book of cars. You check it out, return it and leave it for somebody else to enjoy. According to the company’s website, each Zipcar takes 15-20 cars off the road. With 6,500 Zipcars in use, that’s a pretty big impact to reducing everyone’s carbon footprint.

Then consider the millions of gallons of gas that are saved – 90 percent of Zipcar members use 5,500 miles or less per year (compare that to the 75,000 miles my last car had after only five years). Zipcar’s website also acknowledges another green twist – Zipcar members save more than $500 per month by not having a car. The possibilities are endless with that kind of extra cash:  eating more organic, buying more CFLs or even donating the funds to local community projects.

In order to get started, go to and fill out an application. They have packages ranging from $7/hr. to $250 VIP deals. All you need is a valid driver’s license and to be at least 21 years old.

Reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy the ride and enjoy the many Zipcars for young professionals!

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