Eco-Friendly Dating Ideas

Eco-Establishments: Try an eco-friendly bar or restaurant:  don’t increase your carbon footprint with the usual non-organic beers, imported wines and incandescent lighting.Want some romance but feeling guilty about the high carbon footprint that accompanies every movie ticket, glass of imported wine or even a whirl around the Ferris wheel?

Try some of these eco-friendly dating ideas for a date night with a green footprint from Green Blizzard.

These alternatives are sure to please your date without breaking the bank and help reduce both of your carbon footprints and collective greenhouse emissions.

Take your date to a trendy new hot spot that sets the mood and the standard for greener decisions. recently posted an article paying homage to some of America’s greenest pubs and bars. For instance, the Butterfly Social Club in Chicago offers organic beer and a sustainable ambiance.

The club uses clay, sand, straw and other renewable resources in its decor. The Five Seasons Bar in Atlanta offers  sustainable menu so seasonal that they have a fishmonger stop by everyday with the fresh local catch.

Couple  Eco-Friendly Date IdeasGreen Outdoors: Go outside together.  Depending on your comfort level with each other, this may be a second or third date excursion. (I’m not really interested in sweating in front of my date on our first time out, agreed?) Try going on a hike, taking a bike ride or, depending on where you live, enjoying a fun canoe trip together.

Visit a local park or monument and take along a Frisbee, football, or your former boyfriend’s lacrosse sticks or baseball mitts. For a sexier option, try night kayaking or tubing down a lazy river. Throw in a few organic beers and you have yourself a romantic adventure.

For those of you avoiding any possibility of a sweaty red face, a nice walk through your local botanical garden can have virtually the same effect, without the muscle aches and shortness of breath.

Mass Transit: Take public transportation to wherever you’re going:   Its fun riding along with someone else and leave the hand-me-down gas guzzling SUV parked on the street.   Mass Transit: Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Just Chill: If you’re at the stage,  just spend a night in or out on the patio.   Elegant restaurant dinners, big screen blockbuster movies, sharing popcorn – these are all very romantic, very expensive and kind of eco no-nos. So try the cheaper, greener alternatives. Go to your local farmers’ market and make him or her a healthy, organic dinner from local seasonal fruits, vegetables and meats. Rent a movie from Netflix or On-Demand, microwave popcorn and cuddle up on the couch.

Trust me, if not for the environmental and green living benefits, the nostalgia of high school dates alone will be worth the effort.

Also check out Julie Bielenberg’s article on eco-friendly date ideas at

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