Zip Car

Green Blizzard’s monthly Green iPhone app selection for this month is the Zip Car app. Like its namesake, this iPhone app has a lot of zip. It’s fast and has a clean, intuitive design. If you’re already a member, just sign in and the app recognizes your current location and suggests available cars in your vicinity.

Just shopping and not yet a member? This app uses your location to show you the range of available cars nearby and the hourly/daily price of each. Every car listed even has its own unique name and personality.

A recent Green Blizzard article (Zipcar – Campus and Urban Wheels) outlined the environmental benefits of Zipcars and highlighted the positive carbon impact of this cutting-edge service. Literally tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gases can be avoided by not owning a car so Zipcars make a lot of sense from an environmental perspective.

A little later this month, we’ll write about the input-output impact of manufacturing a car. For now,  just know that the entire manufacturing process typically adds another 50 percent to the car’s lifetime carbon footprint because of all the energy consumed in making the metal, glass and components, as well as during assembly.

So you can see that by using a Zipcar, less cars need to be produced. Postponing a car purchase will mean that you will probably have more efficient, more affordable, zero-tailpipe-emission vehicles to choose from in tomorrow’s marketplace.

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