Clean Tech Revolution

The recent book – very long titled – book , “The Clean Tech Revolution: Discover the Top Trends, Technologies, and Companies to Watch – Alternative Energy Solutions”, you can learn about every clean energy technology that is being pursued today. 

Now that the U.S. national climate debate is well underway the book provides the reader with a baseline explanation of the economics behind, green buildings, LEED, solar, wind, geothermal and many other topics.

This will be a cornerstone of your expanding green energy knowledge.

Ironically its not yet available for downloading onto your Kindle or favorite electronic reader.   But be sure to cast your vote with the publisher encouraging them to make it available for download..

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About the author

Keith Blizzard

A life-long environmentalist, Keith set out on the never ending journey of adjusting his lifestyle to a more sustainable one, with a goal of annually shrinking his carbon footprint. When he looked around for a dependable source of meaningful carbon footprint reduction ideas, it was pretty lame - so he launched Green Blizzard loaded with eco-friendly lifestyle tweaks. When he's not managing Green Blizzard, you'll find him on the trails around Mid Coast Maine with his trusty trail companion mutt, Moose.