Garbage Land – What happens to our trash?

I never thought I’d find myself reading a trashy novel, let alone having trouble putting it down. Well, it’s really not really a trashy novel, but a insightful investigation into what happens to our trash.  Most of us don’t give it much thought after we watch it disappear around the corner in the stinking trash truck – glad to again breathing relatively fresh air.

We’re only reminded on the unimaginable quantities of trash discarded by developed countries when we see a TV snippet or online report about how the stream of floating trash spans across the Pacific, from the U.S all the way to China.

Garbage Land is well written, a surprising enjoyable read. As you read it you feel as if you’re talking to your green conscious neighbor. The author is a good interviewer, research, detective, and humorous storyteller.

I was glad that I was reading it on my during my train commute otherwise I would have been subject to some unwarranted scrutiny. Garbage Land provides insights into the politics of trash and a glimpse into the lives of the hard-working folks that handle this never-ending, six days a week job. Check it out, along with the other green reading recommendations at the Green Blizzard Store.

If you want to become more insightful on what really happens to your trash, read

Its not a the typical trashy novel, more like an investigative thriller. Download it onto your tablet.

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