Recycling Tips To A Greener Lifestyle

Political elections are usually not just between Democrats and Republicans. Likewise, our daily waste disposal decisions are not just between recycling an item or throwing it away.

Recycling Tips To A Greener Lifestyle

Waste management experts offer four other ways to manage our trash: (1) reduce consumption, (2) rethink consumption, (3) reuse goods, (4) recover energy from used goods. Remember, practicing old-school thriftiness while shopping goes hand-in-hand with the recycling mantra Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Fashionistas — why not invest in an expensive, well-made winter coat to reduce the amount of outerwear you need to buy in the future?

Soccer Moms and Dads — Instead of purchasing that case of bottled water for your kids to drink at practices and games, why not invest in a distinctive, durable water bottle that your child can reuse for years? They come in so many different  colors, designs and sizes that everyone should be able to find the perfect fit for their personality and lifestyle.

Weekend Errand Warriors — Save yourself some time and reduce gas consumption by consolidating your shopping, errands and other running around town.

Chances are you fit into one of the categories outlined above. By making a few minor changes in your shopping habits, you’ll be guaranteed peaceful sustainable slumber every night.

On the other hand, the process of recovering energy from used goods is not something a consumer can readily accomplish. Energy is recovered when waste is incinerated or combusted, and the resulting heat, ash, gasses and particles are then used to generate electricity. So unless you are the manager of an incineration plant, you probably won’t be able to garner green karma by recoverin g energy from used goods. But it’s good to know that many waste items can still serve a useful purpose.

I’m assuming that most of you are already somewhat eco-friendly “waste managers.” However, there is always room for improvement, especially when the EPA reports that the amount of waste each person creates has almost doubled over the past 50 years — from 2.7 to 4.5 pounds every day

Most of us have gotten better at recycling, but here are a few more examples of how to reduce, reuse and re-think your purchasing and waste management decisions.

Reduce: 1) Look for ways to go digital to reduce waste when it comes to books, magazines, music and movies. 2) Learn to wait at least one day before making non-essential purchases in order to avoid impulse buys.

Reuse: 1) Check out garage and estate sales. 2) Reuse paper (printer misprints make great scratch paper for to-do lists).

Re-think: 1) Buy recycled materials for carpentry projects. 2) Purchase goods from companies that have sound eco-friendly reputations.

kennyFind more tips by visiting the U.S. EPA website and the Missouri EPA. Good luck, and remember to be creative when consuming because there’s definitely space for everyone in sustainable heaven. Visit the Green Blizzard Store for otherGreen Blizzard reading recommendations that you will find interesting:Reusable Iced Coffee Cups, Bio-Degradable Utensils, or Five Ways To Recycle.


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