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Eco-friendly moms and dads rejoice! Here’s another easy way to reduce your family’s carbon footprint with reusable lunch bags! Parents of the years, have always secretly wanted their kid to be the coolest kid at the lunch table. Now, in addition to that, parents want their kids to be the greenest, now to mention their self-image in the carpool line or at the bus stop.


The idea for this post is courtesy of my older sister, a first-grade teacher with an eye for kid-friendly green trends. Recently, she told me about a new eco-friendly product she spied in her students’ lunch boxes. And I have to say, it almost blows my mind that nobody has thought of this sooner.

On average, a typical packed lunch will involve three plastic bags (sandwich, chips, cookies) every day. That’s three plastic bags, five days a week, over nine months a year. A statistic from 2008 showed that in any given school year, 20 million plastic bags were thrown away during lunch periods. And this figure doesn’t even include snack breaks!

The Simple Lunch-Bag Math

Consider:  3 bags x 5 days x 4 weeks x 9.5 months* = 570 bags per child  (*school holidays not factored into the calculation)

One box of Ziploc bags contains 50 baggies at a cost of about $4. That means you will need 12 boxes per school year, for a total of $48.

And that’s only for one child in one year! Your kids will be packing lunches for about 13 years, not to mention all those days at summer camp

Well, now there is a solution to this outrageous waste problem.  For the lunch itself, reusable lunch bags.  We found snackTAXIs – a simple idea, but revolutionary for reducing, even eliminating, plastic waste.  Plus is saves you money (after a half of a school year) .

SnackTAXIs were invented by a mother of three who was tired of sending her kids to school with a handful of plastic bags destined for the landfill or incinerator. They are lined with coated nylon, which makes them machine washable. As an added bonus, she makes them in a home workshop and uses local sewers, keeping the carbon footprint of her production very low.

We found a few nifty options in colorful packs of three:  Green Pear, Mango Slices, Aqua Dots,  Red Apple, Navy Shark, Green Dots, and the Bite Me Sandwich Sack.  There are a host of other creative combinations, check out the entire selection at Amazon and search on Snack Taxi.

These reusable lunch bags costs around $8, which may seem a little pricey at first. But according to my example, you will hit break-even 2-3 months into the school year.  The cost of those baggies definitely adds up quickly.

Dabbawalla Bags  designs and manufactures creative kids backpacks with personality.  Named after the complex system of lunch box delivery men in India known as dabbawallas, these are truly kid-loving creative bags.  Dabbawalla has a wide assortment of bags, but we got a chuckle out of the Blushing Monkey, Monkey Too, Go Fetch, and the Cute As A Bug backpacks, just to highlight a few.

Between these reusable lunch bags and these creative backpacks – your kid will be the coolest kids at the lunch table and walking to school – plus they’ll have a lot of fun with these products. It is a fun and easy way to teach your kids how to go green in their everyday lives.  Plus both of these suggested brands provide a little personality to an important aspect of your kid’s life. Other Green Blizzard lifestyle articles that might be of interest:  Reduce Your Paper Consumption, Carbon Impact of Meats, Energy Misconception, and Top Ten Energy Efficient Products

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