Seafood Watch


Green Blizzard’s most recent selection for Green App of the Month collection is the Seafood Watch app.

This a highly rated,  free app is a handy reference for when you are at the store buying fish, ordering sushi, or looking over a restaurant menu.

It’s a quick list sustainable fish choices as well as those to avoid, helping you cast your vote for sustainability with your purchasing power.

The creators of this Seafood Watch app, was the Monterey Aquarium, (pretty impression source) carefully selected these recommendations and for each fish there’s a picture, a sustainability rating,  a short list of other market names for this same fish, and consumer notes.

Buying Sustainable Fish Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Smarter fish purchases actually lower your carbon footprint – so be sure to download the seafood watch app onto your phone or tablet device.

It even has a separate sushi guide that tells you what type of fish is in each dish. Best of all its free and works on both iPad, iPhone,  and iPod Touch and consumes very little memory.

Check out the Seafood Watch Homepage for more information.

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Keith Blizzard

A life-long environmentalist, Keith set out on the never ending journey of adjusting his lifestyle to a more sustainable one, with a goal of annually shrinking his carbon footprint. When he looked around for a dependable source of meaningful carbon footprint reduction ideas, it was pretty lame - so he launched Green Blizzard loaded with eco-friendly lifestyle tweaks. When he's not managing Green Blizzard, you'll find him on the trails around Mid Coast Maine with his trusty trail companion mutt, Moose.