Walk and Ride Challenge in Bethesda, Maryland

There is an interesting upcoming carbon reduction event in Bethesda, Maryland, which is just a mile north of Washington, D.C. border.  It is an interesting way to reduce your carbon footprint and the carbon footprints of your work colleagues.Walk and Ride Challenge in Bethesda, Maryland

It’s the 2010 Walk & Ride Challenge in Bethesda, Maryland and it is sponsored by the Bethesda Transit Organization.

To qualify, participants have to log 25,000 steps in a week to be entered into a random drawing for “grab bag” prizes (examples: BTS gear; gift cards to local retailers and restaurants; and more!). 

A few steps further, if they log 50,000 steps in a week they are automatically entered into a random drawing for a brand new iPod!   And on top of that, everyone who logs steps during the week will be able to participate in a weekly scavenger hunt at local retailers!

And it just keeps going! Just after this carbon reduction event, Bethesda Transit is promoting its Car-Free Day on Wednesday, September 22, 2010!  More information about this event will be coming soon, but keep those comfortable shoes handy.

Maybe something similar is in the works in your hometown.  If not, make the suggestion and put them in touch with the Bethesda Transit Organization.

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