Solar Webinar For Women

Solar women take note (July 2010)

The organization One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) is hosting a webinar later this month for women who may be interested in solar.  It’s being promoted as a free and friendly informational forum scheduled for Thursday, July 29th 7-8pm Pacific Time. 

This is an interesting change of pace, because as we have all noticed, the solar industry typically aims its messages at males.  For this reason, Green Blizzard wanted to call it to your attention.    Sign-up here.

The webinar promises to cover the basic steps of going solar, deciding on the proper configuration, solar rebates,  and newer more attractive solar panels.   Attractive panels have been a barrier to entry for many of us concerned with impacting our homes traditional aesthetics.   I know of a bunch of guys who wanted to install solar panels, but their wives nixed it purely because of aesthetics, mainly in impact on the house’s “curb appeal”.  To be honest, I’m still wrestling with the same challenge on my own home, but its my own doing, not my spouses.

One Block Off The Grid is a noteworthy organization, if you are in the market for solar installation.  Its premise is group discount and they list active organizations in about 20 cities, with more on the way.  I know that in my little town, neighbors realized a 20% group discount, just by bundling 10 or more installations.  Later they bundled their REC (renewable energy credits) and leveraged their group selling ability.

Its worth a quick look around their website and it may save you a lot of time and money.

GreenBlizzard cannot comment on the quality of this program, but from what we know of One Block Off The Grid, its worth a dial-in.

This picture is of the red and solar roofs of Heidelberg, Germany.   Germany is leading the way in solar installation.  This picture can be found on


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