Kitchen Compost Bucket

kitchen compost bucket
Starting a composting practice at home usually falls towards the bottom of the To Do list just below painting the half bath, yet again. But getting kitchen composting underway really isn’t that time consuming or expensive these days with a wide selection of well designed, durable kitchen compost buckets that can easily be purchased either online or at your favorite kitchen store or garden store.

Why kitchen compost?  Because all those peelings, tea bags, coffee grinds and other food scraps will soon yield what gardeners refer to as “black gold” – a rich humus to feed your plants for years to come.

Even if you do not garden, kitchen compost will yield a rich soil that you can easily sprinkled around your lawn or landscaping inexpensively and naturally feeding with rich home-made ingredients.
If you cook on a regular basis or try to eat healthy with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits – you undoubtedly will have a built-in supply of composting material – probably more than you realize. Another reason to compost is that it saves you time, money, and reduces your carbon footprint. Ok, so what’s holding you back.

Gardeners of all types will tell you that composting is a cornerstone to a sustainable lifestyle for anyone with an active kitchen and zilch garden aspirations. All you really need is a convenient, air tight, accessible container to collect the scraps and will the help of Mother Nature and a little time, that’s all you need.

The Green Blizzard test team found that plastic containers work for a while (about a year) but eventually get stained and smelly. So here at the Green Blizzard offices for our company kitchen we eventually broke-down and bought a nice looking metal container that can regally sit up on the kitchen counter for easy access.

Consider one of these presentable and functional containers.  Accessibility and durability are critical – otherwise it quickly becomes a hassle:

If you’re not yet ready to invest in a kitchen compost bucket,  then simply start with one of these plastic air tight container to accumulate the vegetable and fruit scraps.  Plastics work really well for a while, but eventually get stained and smelly by the food scraps.  

Be sure to put your new kitchen compost bucket on your counter or somewhere handy, in an accessible spot and then start accumulating all those salad preparation cuttings: stems, brown lettuce leafs, melon rinds, any spent greens and fresh spices, coffee grounds, and any other non-cooked fresh food scrap.

Be sure not to include any meats, plate scrapings, pet excrement,  and any cooked food, of course.   Some resources say that raw meat scraps are fine, but we have our doubts.

The Mother Nature Networks has a list of 81 Thing You Can Compost. The biggest surprise, is how quickly your little container will fill and how much it weighs.

Here at Green Blizzard we generate 8-10 pounds of kitchen scraps weekly, and its increase whenever we consume lots melon rinds, corn husks and other bulky fresh food scraps. 

To compliment your kitchen composting bucket, you will find that you really need an enclosed barrel composter.  GreenBlizzard experimented with an open bin and we found we were hosting all types of pest. 

enclosed barrel compost bin

So Green Blizzard invested in an into which we regularly empty the kitchen scraps mixed with dried leaves and lawn-cutting.  We are always amazed at how quickly the composting gunk inside shrinks –  there is a lot a moisture in the scraps. Google “composting tips” for sites with more in-depth information. 

It’s surprising simple and rewarding and good for your home and the environment.

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