Prius 2010 Review

After following all the news about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and watching our congressional leaders continue to shuffle their feet over the Energy Bill, we decided that it NOW makes more sense than ever to buy that Toyota Prius and trade-in that gas guzzling Honda Pilot.

prius at detroit car show

Why not improve our three car fleet’s average MPG from an overall average of 19 to 26mpg (35% gain);  and reduce our collective annual carbon output from 16 tons to 10; and reduce our consumption of oil by 10 barrels are a year?

All this carbon footprint improvement just from our family’s car fleet.

The 2010 Prius only consumes less than three barrels a year compared to our Pilot which is at 13 barrels every year, at our projected driving rates of 12,000 miles per year per vehicle.

With one purchase and one car change out, we reduced our footprint by 37%.  We used the Government Fuel Economy guide to estimate these numbers.

The only question we’re asking is why didn’t we act sooner?

Toyota Prius Review

Over the years, we’ve rented a number of Prius’ while traveling and renting from the Hertz Green Collection and found the car comfortable, kinda fun to drive, and surprisingly peppy in the mountains.

Other than the previous frumpy lines and “smug” image of a Prius, those were the only real downsides. But that has all changed.

In fact, the newest generation of Prius that came out in 2010 actually has a sportier look to it, gone is the odd frumpy styling.  Or perhaps we are all getting used to it, but nevertheless, the lines are smoother, more aerodynamic looking.

Plus the upper models have all the latest toys: Bluetooth, satellite radio, iPhone connectivity, GPS, and a great sound system.

Give it a test drive and you will be surprised.

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