Tissue Guide

Green Blizzard’s selection for Green App – April 2010 is the Greenpeace Tissue Guide.

This free app is a database that’s handy when you’re shopping for household paper products.  It covers every green brand of toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towel and napkins products and rates and recommends each by their percentage of post-consumer and overall recycled ingredients.

When you’re at the store shopping, there’s a handy search function, so you can type in the product name to see its review stats.  Quick and easy.

According to the information page in the Greenpeace Tissue guide, recycled tissue products help protect ancient forests, clean water, and wildlife habitat.  It’s easier on the Earth to make tissues from paper instead of trees.  It goes on to rank products based on three criteria:

  • 100% recycled content – because its already in the product cycle and avoids the need to possibly harvest from ancient forest.
  • At least, 50% post-consumer recycled content – no use burning it or burying it in a landfill.
  • Bleached without toxic chlorine compounds because products bleached with chlorine compounds create super toxic chemicals known to cause cancer.

Give both this green tissue app and some of its recommended products a try.   GreenBlizzard just bought a few of these unbleached recycled products earlier today to see how well we like them around the office.

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