Environmental Impact of Printer Cartridges

I actually felt a pang when I learned that more than 12 cups of oil are used to produce a laser printer cartridge, and...
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Green Film Festival

Nature scene - river bank

In our quest to modify our consumption oriented lifestyles into more sustainable and greener ones, we spend our precious time reading about how we...
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Smart Meter Benefits

Smokestacks Power Lines

Smart meter benefits are two sided. Consumers benefit with smarter consumption and carbon footprint. Power plants can better project consumer demand.
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Cycling Around Town Is Getting Easier

bike more

Biking Infrastructure in major cities has really improved lately and it is making the front pages of newspapers and online news sites these days....
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Rain Barrels Will Take A Drop Off Your Footprint


Yes, even simple, old rain barrels will take a drop off your footprint. After all, it takes energy to filter and pump...
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Eco Friendly Wardrobes

Girl Shopping

What we drape over our heavenly inspired bodies, really does impact our environment and our personal carbon footprint.  The impact from clothing is really...
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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products


  In the previous Green Blizzard popular Eco Friendly Spring Cleaning article, we discussed eco friendly cleaning products that can easily be made in your...
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Home Energy Efficiency Means Comfort

House or Home

A well design, built and maintained home should not have home energy efficiency issues. Homeowners can rectify these shortcomings with home energy efficiency...
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Eco Friendly Furniture

Interior Living Room Contemporary

How does one find real eco-friendly furniture with all the misleading information out there? There are some great online resources to cut through...
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Environmentally Friendly Pools

environmentally friendly pools

Your backyard pool can easily be environmentally friendly with the right features
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What is Phantom Electricity?

Apartment Modern

What is phantom electricity and how much of your electric bill does is it? The Consumer Electronics Association estimates its 4-7% of your...
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Most Bike Friendly Cities

Bike Commute

Make biking around town the cornerstone of your sustainable lifestyle
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Go Green For St Patrick’s Day

Go green for st patricks day

Wondering how to go green for St Patrick's Day? Ever tried drinking green beer? Or, local beer, out of a keg?...
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Green Wedding Suggested Online Resources

Wedding Couple On Beach At Sunset

Make your weeding greener with these green wedding ideas.
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Save Energy With A Solar Pool Cover

Girl Underwater In Pool

Solar pool covers can save you energy, water, and chemicals. What's not to like?
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Green Cleaning Products – An Easy Step Toward Sustainable Living

Green cleaning products

Sustainable living with green cleaning products
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Using Recycled Building Materials For An Eco-Friendly Home

Side of Yellow House

Building a green home using recycled building materials will pump-up your green living status with both your friends and new neighbors.
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Go Green With Your Food: Camden Conference


Measuring your carbon footprint using an online calculator will give you a benchmark to measure your ever-greening lifestyle
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Hot Water Conservation – Sustainable Living Tips

Young woman singing under shower

Greener living can be as simple as dialing-back your hot water temperature setting.
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Zinio Review- A New Magazine Reading Experience


Magazines unfailingly will eventually pile up around your home, but not if they're delivered and stored electronically on your electronic tablet. Cutover...
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Shower The Navy Way

Women in Shower

Lower your water consumption and carbon footprint, with this really sensible shower technique. Start to shower the navy way and give the shampoo and...
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Environmental Impact of Coconut Oil

Tahiti Landscape

Green Blizzard is always looking for ways that everyday consumers can make “greener” choices in their consumables.   There’s the adage of less is more,...
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The iPhone of Bike Accessories

fietsklik bike cargo against brick wall

Instead of always defaulting to using your car for shopping, would you like to be able to use your bike more often for those local...
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A Trained Home Energy Auditor Can Improve Your Home

House or Home

The energy auditor, unlike many other home service technicians, has a unique interdisciplinary training and certification that gives them a broad perspective about the...
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When To Call In An Energy Auditor

energy consumption graph

Wondering why and when to call in an energy auditor to assess your precious living space? Guarantee, if you do, you'll live more...
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Saving Energy At Work

office building scene

Saving energy at work will lead to some immediate savings for your business and more importantly will green your company reduce its carbon footprint.
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Monitor Your Energy Usage

tablet and electricity

    I’m sure by now that you realize that anything that you plug-in relentlessly sucks energy even if it’s  “turned off”. But how...
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Helpful LED Videos

LED bulbs

One question frequently submitted to the Green Blizzard writing staff  is what’s the real story about LEDs light bulbs compared to the other light...
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Proper Disposal of Potentially Hazardous Household Waste

young woman in green shirt laughing

Environmentally safe tips on how best to dispose of potentially hazardous everyday waste like appliances and batteries
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A smartphone app that helps you manage your phone's battery life. Best to get a solar charger with it to be environmentally friendly.
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Green Hotels

Vacation Beach

Be circumspect when looking around for green hotels. The definition is vague, so here are a few online resources that can help you...
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Sustainability of Older Homes

House Drawing

If you live in an older home, this helpful sustainability of older homes checklist will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint
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Can Buying New Clothing Be Eco Friendly?

Hippy Girl with Sunglasses

Can buying new clothing be eco Friendly? Absolutely! With some online research and on the spot inquiry. A few clothing lines...
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Five Ways To Green Your Lifestyle In April

the ditch your hair dryer challenge

  Green Blizzard is always looking into new ways to green your lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint.  Our staff is suggesting these five...
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Make Your Next SurfBoard Green

Woman with surfboard at sunset

Make your next surf board a green one. Tough to do since they are made with polyurethane foam, fiberglass and resins all really...
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Living Green In My Apartment

sustainable apartment living

Living green in your apartment is easier than you think. See these suggestions on how to reduce your heating and cooling costs and...
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Unpasteurized Milk – Can It Lower Your Carbon Footprint?

Cow (small)

Unpasteurized Milk - can it lower your carbon footprint? …. Absolutely YES, but it may be a challenge to find in certain states.
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Air Tightening Your Home

green row of houses as hedges

A list of suggestions for air tightening your home. Each involves plugging the heat loss source in your home, all with attractive ROIs.
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The ROI of Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Wind Energy

See the ROI and suggested ranking of home air-tightening measures you can do around you home to realize an attractive ROI from energy efficiency...
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Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent – Savvy Green

green leaf with water droplets

Savvy Green is a concentrated powder detergent that only requires an incredibly small scoop per load, the smallest scoop pictured here compared to other...
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Getting Windows Ready For Winter

getting windows ready for winter

Realize a more sustainable lIfestyle with better windows
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Green Cleaning Products

green cleaning products

A consumer review of the green cleaning products on your supermarket shelves
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Choose Natural Eggs

Farm Eggs (Large)

Did you know that different types of egg can impact your sustainable lifestyle?
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Green Wedding Ideas

Wedding Bouca

A wedding can arguably be one of the most significant event in a person’s life.  There’s a natural tendancy to spend a large sum...
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Rechargeable Batteries – Worth The Price?


Are rechargeable batteries worth the price? Rechargeable batteries can make both economic and environmental sense to the average consumer.
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Recycling: Is It Really Green?

Recylcing Bin

Recycling benefits are sometimes real, sometimes lost in the process
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