Environmental Impact of Printer Cartridges

I actually felt a pang when I learned that more than 12 cups of...
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Green Film Festival

Nature scene - river bank

In our quest to modify our consumption oriented lifestyles into more sustainable and greener...
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Smart Meter Benefits

Smokestacks Power Lines

Smart meter benefits are two sided. Consumers benefit with smarter consumption and carbon footprint....
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Cycling Around Town Is Getting Easier

bike more

Biking Infrastructure in major cities has really improved lately and it is making the...
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Rain Barrels Will Take A Drop Off Your Footprint


Yes, even simple, old rain barrels will take a drop off your footprint. ...
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Eco Friendly Wardrobes

Girl Shopping

What we drape over our heavenly inspired bodies, really does impact our environment and...
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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products


  In the previous Green Blizzard popular Eco Friendly Spring Cleaning article, we discussed eco...
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Home Energy Efficiency Means Comfort

House or Home

A well design, built and maintained home should not have home energy efficiency issues....
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Eco Friendly Furniture

Interior Living Room Contemporary

How does one find real eco-friendly furniture with all the misleading information out there?...
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Environmentally Friendly Pools

environmentally friendly pools

Your backyard pool can easily be environmentally friendly with the right features
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What is Phantom Electricity?

Apartment Modern

What is phantom electricity and how much of your electric bill does is it?...
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Most Bike Friendly Cities

Bike Commute

Make biking around town the cornerstone of your sustainable lifestyle
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Go Green For St Patrick’s Day

Go green for st patricks day

Wondering how to go green for St Patrick's Day? Ever tried drinking...
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Green Wedding Suggested Online Resources

Wedding Couple On Beach At Sunset

Make your weeding greener with these green wedding ideas.
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Save Energy With A Solar Pool Cover

Girl Underwater In Pool

Solar pool covers can save you energy, water, and chemicals. What's not to...
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Green Cleaning Products – An Easy Step Toward Sustainable Living

Green cleaning products

Sustainable living with green cleaning products
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Using Recycled Building Materials For An Eco-Friendly Home

Side of Yellow House

Building a green home using recycled building materials will pump-up your green living status...
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Go Green With Your Food: Camden Conference


Measuring your carbon footprint using an online calculator will give you a benchmark to...
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Hot Water Conservation – Sustainable Living Tips

Young woman singing under shower

Greener living can be as simple as dialing-back your hot water temperature setting.
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Zinio Review- A New Magazine Reading Experience


Magazines unfailingly will eventually pile up around your home, but not if they're delivered...
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Shower The Navy Way

Women in Shower

Lower your water consumption and carbon footprint, with this really sensible shower technique. Start...
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Environmental Impact of Coconut Oil

Tahiti Landscape

Green Blizzard is always looking for ways that everyday consumers can make “greener” choices...
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The iPhone of Bike Accessories

fietsklik bike cargo against brick wall

Instead of always defaulting to using your car for shopping, would you like to be...
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A Trained Home Energy Auditor Can Improve Your Home

House or Home

The energy auditor, unlike many other home service technicians, has a unique interdisciplinary training...
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When To Call In An Energy Auditor

energy consumption graph

Wondering why and when to call in an energy auditor to assess your precious...
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Saving Energy At Work

office building scene

Saving energy at work will lead to some immediate savings for your business and...
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Monitor Your Energy Usage

tablet and electricity

    I’m sure by now that you realize that anything that you plug-in...
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Helpful LED Videos

LED bulbs

One question frequently submitted to the Green Blizzard writing staff  is what’s the real...
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Proper Disposal of Potentially Hazardous Household Waste

young woman in green shirt laughing

Environmentally safe tips on how best to dispose of potentially hazardous everyday waste like...
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A smartphone app that helps you manage your phone's battery life. Best to...
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Green Hotels

Vacation Beach

Be circumspect when looking around for green hotels. The definition is vague, so...
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Sustainability of Older Homes

House Drawing

If you live in an older home, this helpful sustainability of older homes checklist...
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Can Buying New Clothing Be Eco Friendly?

Hippy Girl with Sunglasses

Can buying new clothing be eco Friendly? Absolutely! With some online research...
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Five Ways To Green Your Lifestyle In April

the ditch your hair dryer challenge

  Green Blizzard is always looking into new ways to green your lifestyle and...
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Make Your Next SurfBoard Green

Woman with surfboard at sunset

Make your next surf board a green one. Tough to do since they...
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Living Green In My Apartment

sustainable apartment living

Living green in your apartment is easier than you think. See these suggestions...
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Unpasteurized Milk – Can It Lower Your Carbon Footprint?

Cow (small)

Unpasteurized Milk - can it lower your carbon footprint? …. Absolutely YES, but it...
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Air Tightening Your Home

green row of houses as hedges

A list of suggestions for air tightening your home. Each involves plugging the heat...
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The ROI of Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Wind Energy

See the ROI and suggested ranking of home air-tightening measures you can do around...
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Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent – Savvy Green

green leaf with water droplets

Savvy Green is a concentrated powder detergent that only requires an incredibly small scoop...
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Getting Windows Ready For Winter

getting windows ready for winter

Realize a more sustainable lIfestyle with better windows
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Green Cleaning Products

green cleaning products

A consumer review of the green cleaning products on your supermarket shelves
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Choose Natural Eggs

Farm Eggs (Large)

Did you know that different types of egg can impact your sustainable lifestyle?
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Green Wedding Ideas

Wedding Bouca

A wedding can arguably be one of the most significant event in a person’s...
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Rechargeable Batteries – Worth The Price?


Are rechargeable batteries worth the price? Rechargeable batteries can make both economic and...
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Recycling: Is It Really Green?

Recylcing Bin

Recycling benefits are sometimes real, sometimes lost in the process
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